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Who We Are

The Green Center invests health and medicine with a strong belief in the fullness and dignity of humanity. We bridge the chasm between the business of medicine and the lived experience of the human condition. We make personal doctoring and innovation visible.

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

The Green Center is more than a name. It stands for:

Our Brand  

Social accountability combined with insatiable curiosity. We begin with imagining the possible.

Our Team

Culture by design. We actively work on openness, cohesion, and continuous learning.

Our Skills

Mixed methods with a continuous focus on building capacity and new ways of knowing.

Our Focus

Understanding and innovation. We are in the business of meaning making.

How We Do It

Our commitment to a generalist way of knowing allows each Green Center effort to integrate aspiration, wonder, science, and craft, through a shared set of four guiding principles:

1) Theory and method cannot be separated

This is the foundation of our approach to understanding social realities, human interactions, and the complex relationships among what we say we do (narratives), what we think we do (norms), and our everyday actions.

2) Every sharing is motivated

There is no one standard – biomedical or otherwise. We provide texture, complexity, and nuance through detailed attention to context. Information is shared for a reason. It is our job to identify, understand, respect, and interrogate those reasons.


3) Narratives authorize meaning

The first question is rarely the right question – it is our starting point. We don’t assume, we keep asking. We know the patterns we find are not what we have learned. They must be analyzed for meaning. We dig deeper.

4) Start with the solution first

We don’t begin with constraints. We define the problem, develop the best solution, then adapt to constraints as necessary. We are motivated by the possible.


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