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Primary care is founded on the idea of delivering care beyond controlled settings and within the ambiguous space of lives lived in the context of others. The value of primary health care is in the way it embraces the complexity of real people’s lives – the lived experiences of health and illness in ways that both include and transcend specific diagnoses and disease pathways. People are waiting for achievable enhancements in health and health care. In order to assess and respond to most people and to what prompts them to enter the health care system, perhaps we should begin by asking what they're looking for, what they value, and how they will know they've found it.


The Larry A. Green Center works to reclaim and reconstitute the intellectual foundations of primary care, to advance the science of medicine learned and practiced within layered and competing social frameworks of meaning, and to deliver on a now 50 year old promise: better health and improved health care through a synergistic focus on both humanism and healing. We are nimble, inquisitive, curious, and open. We make personal doctoring and innovation visible.


We are built to be nimble, to risk, and to discover.


Work of the Green Center focuses on six priority research areas. Our approach to these priorities is based in the need for vision, sustained partnerships, and integrated learning. We understand that discovery starts with learning how to ask and learning how to ask begins with learning how to listen. 

The research priorities of the Green Center are to:



Support, develop, and advance the measures and principles of primary care

Foster awareness and build upon the intellectual lineage of primary care

Advance and advocate for a strong social ecology able to support primary health care for the public good

Develop systems science and practice-based evidence grounded in primary health care

Bridge the gap between the business of medicine and the lived experience of the human condition

Innovate new ways of knowing, new ways of being, and new ways of doing



Choosing the logo for the Green Center was a group effort. The image within the logo incorporated three symbols that are significant among New Zealand Maori and have been adopted by the Center. A description of the purpose of the Center, along with an example of how the symbols might be used, was shared on a group-sourced website to allow our team to co-create the Center’s logo in conjunction with design artists. The three symbols incorporated into our logo are explained below and continue to provide us with inspiration.

Rauiri, or Maori twist – the central role of lifelong connection and relationships as part of well being; recognition that individuals are parts of larger wholes; friendship; love of family, community, humanity, and all life; recognition of interconnections among all aspects of life – from physical, to mental, to spiritual

Koru, or unfolding fern – represents new life and new beginnings; harmony in self and ancestry; past lineage informing future vision; peace; awakening; personal growth, innovation, rejuvenation, and hope

Muri, or whale fin – strength and courage; intelligence, sensitivity, confidence; speed; external harmony – harmony with surrounding ecologies